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I'm trying to log 8 channels at a rate of 10kHz, and I want the data to be 12 bit.

this thread has some library where people were claiming to get up to 40kHz on a single analog channel:


https://github.com/greiman/SdFat/blob/master/examples/AnalogBinLogger/AnalogBinLogger.ino - here is the code.

One issue here is that the data is only 10 bit. I'd like 12 bit data. the microcontrollers available to me are a Teensy 3.6, and arduino uno and a Teensy 4.0 with an SD card shield.

Thee teensy 3.6 is desirable due to it's small size, high processor power (180MHz), 12 bit (or higher) ADC resolution and small form factor. I believe it should be able, in theory, to clock 8 channels*12 bit data*10kHz at  Does anyone know of a good existing library of code that would help me achieve this? I'm a coding beginner so writing something as comprehensive as the code in the Github library isn't really on the cards.

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