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Yeah, I don't think you need 500 MHz. These guys didn't:
What you do need is a specialized chip that does the FLAC/MP3/other data decoding.
Or, something a bit faster than 16 MHz/8-bits wide to retrieve stereo .wav data and output it to a dual 16-bit DAC.
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From what I understand I may need 500mHz. So I guess a microprocessor is out of the question?

The Raspberry Pi runs at 800MHz without over clocking and is much more sutiable for what you want to do.


the wave shield is a shield for the UNO and does mono sound. It uses SPI port to read the WAV sound files on the SD card and bit bangs the digital sample data to the on-board serial DAC using 4 other pins and it has a speaker output.

Any ideas on how to do something similar but instead of output samples data to DAC output to Blutooth module for link to Bluetooth speaker........

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