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The group in which I am part of has been tasked to invent a product and design a business plan.
We are designing an arduino hard case with added functionality.
The functionality we have added is;

A friction mat on the bottom of the case to keep it stable when being placed on a surface

Clips to be able to hold the power cable in place so it doesn't effect the position of the arduino

Built in breadboards that have pre wired voltage and ground wires and will surround the arduino in a U shape

A socket for the power

Now comes the  bit I need help with, if anyone has any ideas of what could be done better or ideas that could be added to the design. I would love for you to post on the discussion.

I have also got  a few more questions to ask.

1 What price would you as a customer be willing to pay (roughly) for a hard case with added functionality
2 What places/people would we as a group be best marketing our product to
3 Would you trust a not well known company to buy a hard case from or would you stick to a better known brand
4 If you would trust a not well known company, what would make you do this. Is it the added functionality or something else?

If you have managed to stick around  this long and read all this, I personally thank you.
I appreciate any help that can be offered and look forward to hearing from anyone.


Quick response

1) depends on the added functionality, the material used etc.

2) it should be unambiguous if someone is part of your customer group or not.
    makes your marketing much easier focussed and cheaper
    check the P's of marketing - People, Product, Place, Price, Promotion, ..

3) If all the same I stick to a well known brand, the newcomer has to be disruptive
    ==> read the innovators dilemma / Clayton

4) something else, it can be the location, someone you know that bought there, someone that works there, free goodies
    trust is something that will be build during a relation - or a common trust in a middleman

Rob Tillaart

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I'd add to Rob's list:
5) Use a company with an international distribution set-up. I don't like paying international shipping charges where these are a considerable percentage of the price! US$12 for shipping a US$3 item makes no sense. I couldn't get it from a supplier in the UK so I bought one from China...with free shipping.

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