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I recently bought the Ardunio Uno Ultimate Starter Kit, which comes with a booklet. This booklet refers to Arduino IDE > Examples > USK Code > ... which does not exist in my IDE.  Where can I find these code examples? The links in the booklet doesn't exist anymore.

Arduino IDE version: arduino_1.0.5+dfsg2-1 (from Debian repository)
Starter Kit: http://www.vilros.com/ultimate-starter-kit.html
Booklet: http://www.vilros.com/arduino/uno-rev-3/arduino-uno-ultimate-starter-kit-booklet.html



It appears that kit is slightly different from "Official" Starter Kit, so maybe it's put together Vilros, I'd suggest contacting them first & see if they can help or put you on to who compiled the kit.


I have contacted Vilros support asking the same. I'll post here when I get my answer.



Ok  I got the code now! Contacted support.

1. Register yourself a Vilros account
2. Go to http://www.vilros.com/uskcode
3. Download the zip file containing all the USK code

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