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Hi all,

I'd really appreciate some help with project 5 - I'm guessing I'm missing something big.
Here's my code:
// include the servo library
#include <Servo.h>

Servo myServo;  // create a servo object

int const potPin = A0; // analog pin used to connect the potentiometer
int potVal;  // variable to read the value from the analog pin
int angle;   // variable to hold the angle for the servo motor

void setup() {
  myServo.attach(9); // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object
  Serial.begin(9600); // open serial connection

void loop() {
  potVal = analogRead(potPin); // read the value of the potentiometer
  // print the value to the serial monitor
  Serial.print("potVal: ");

  // scale the numbers from the potentiometer
  angle = map(potVal, 0, 1023, 0, 179);

  // print out the angle for the servo motor
  Serial.print(", angle: ");

  // set the servo position 

  // wait for the servo

and attached is a photo of the board. I've tried a new motor, new wires, new pot,  new breadboard... same result.  The  servo just spins with no change if I rotate the pot. I've checked the pot with a multimeter, and am confident i have that right...

Really appreciate any advice!

many thanks



Looking at the picture of the project, it seems the yellow wire from the servo is going to pin 10 & not pin 9. Is that so?



Thanks Roduino!

it is hooked up to pin 9.  any other thoughts?



Check the data (centre) pin of the pot  is on the same side as  the wire to A0.

If your still using a pot from the kit, the pot that I used, I placed in the middle of the board , had 2 pins on one side  of the board & the centre(data) pin on the other side(ie. lower side of yours) , if yours is similar placement shoudn't the wire to A0  go on the othe(lower) side of the board??

If so see p23, re: middle row breaks connection.



THAT WAS IT!!! Oh Roduino thanks so very very much!!!! :)

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