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Yes but when I contacted them, they told me the contact cleaning tool was similar to sand paper, so it sounds really abrasive to me... I'm worried that it will scratch the contacts all up.

Well at least they are honest.  The grey "ink" erasers of that type are abrasive.


Yea. I'm planning on ordering one of those pin replacements this weekend, and then doing some repairs to the system after I get it. If it works then I will order a few more of those pins to fix my other systems.

Sounds like the original pins made by Nintendo had this problem where they tarnished badly over time, and that's why so many people have this problem. It states the new pins won't do that.

I put my NES systems away about 10 years ago and they worked fine. I pulled them out recently to play them again, and NONE of them worked. They all randomly had the exact same problem.

I'll let you know if it works after I'm done. Hopefully, it does.

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