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Hello to everyone reading this,

First time on Arduino anything other than just purchasing an Arduino Uno and proto board.

I work with McCAD Schematic, Schematic Plus and PCB-ST circuit board layout applications. I am in the process of designing a Laser Photo Gate timing system for the Jr. High Science Olympiad Wheeled Vehicle event in upstate NY near Rochester. At the core is the Arduino Uno and I will write both interface code for my MAC laptop to the Arduino as well as create the circuitry for the Laser control sub system and connect that to the Arduino and write that timing code as well.

I am in need of Proto Board dimensions for circuit board layout.
The absolute best thing is that someone
1. Someone has a DXF file of the Proto Board I think everyone here calls them a Shield (Please correct me if I am wrong - newbie stuff yah know) and would share that
2 Has a McCAD PCB-ST device foot print
3. Someone has a pdf of the boards outline.

I need any of those items so I can create a foot print to enable me to layout a board that will correctly connect to the Arduino.

I looked around and could not find any of this on the site. So if you have this kind of information I would greatly appreciate it sending me that info and also indicating where it might be found on this site. As a courtesy when finished I will share the McCAD PCB-ST foot print with anyone else here that uses that application for schematic capture and circuit board layout




Another approach is to use the free version of Eagle. Then use the Eagle files that are in the products area of this website for your Arduino.

Once you are in the Eagle file, you can print to your PDF printer.

If you google arduino uno dimensions; you will find various dimension schematics. There are different versions of the boards, and sometimes the mounting hole arrangements changed, so double check.

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