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for my project I want to redesign the Arduino Leonardo into a smaller format. Therefore I used the original eagle file downloaded from Arduino.cc and edited it.

As soon as I make the Design Rule Check (with BetaLayouts) it says that there is an error regarding the USB plug. (as seen in the picture)

Can anyone tell me please how to solve this problem? Or shall I just order it in spite of the mistakes?

PS: There is also a mistake regarding the AD Converter...


All of those look ignorable. It appears someone made slots for the USB jack by overlapping two holes; not a big deal. Eagle doesn't allow oddly-shaped pads when designing a footprint so that's about the only option available. You'd have to switch to a single larger hole to avoid it.

The other clearance errors should be considered as recommendations from your board manufacturer. Their rule check is telling you that they can't guarantee tolerances that tight so if the board comes out bad they won't accept responsibility for it.   


Ah ok. Is the USB plug mounted onto the board? So there is no need for holes isn't it?

Is there an existing BOM for the original Arduino Leonardo? Because I'd like to take a closer look at the micro USB plug or can I use any micro USB plug i find on e.g. mouser?


I'm assuming that this particular jack needed holes.

Don't expect a standard jack. Find a part that meets your needs and then ensure that the footprint will work with it, or if not, adjust that footprint.


What about that:
I'll use this 'cause there's an existing EAGLE file... hopefully it fits to the standard DRC-file from BetaLayouts


I included that part from farnell and got some other errors from EAGLE:

I can ignore them can't I?

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