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I have a product idea however i am totally unfamiliar to electronic world and my idea requires some electronic parts. That's where I need your help.

I need someone to build a wifi scale mechanism, it will be connected to a computer / mobile phone and send/receive data. It will be a simply kitchen scale product but will scale 2 bowls instead of one.

You will tell me what parts do you need to build it and I will ship the parts. Then you will ship the prototype to me. I prefer someone in NYC area, however I am open to locations as long as it's in the US.

What are you going to build:

2 ( 1 gram sensitivity up to 5 lb.) working scale mechanism located next to each other, each scales will work independent and connected to wifi, wifi will send the weight data to the computer.

Wifi will be connected to the computer/mobile device 24 hrs and won't be actively sending and receiving data all the time. It will start sending data when weight changes occur.

I don't need a scale with a plastic case or lcd display etc. Just working scale part , surface to put bowls on it, and it should scale correctly and send data to the computer via wifi.

Product will work with battery, so It should be optimized to work max with the battery. Prototype shouldn't require a battery change at least 15 days.

Please feel free to ask any question. Thank you.


I thought it was a simple project for someone who knows arduino? Am I wrong? I am pretty surprised this post haven't gotten any reply yet.

No one?


It does look relatively straightforward.  However, it is not a trivial project, considering the battery aspect.  Are you offering compensation?

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