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:-) Thanks for looking into this for me.

Joystick switch - ALPS original, premium quality. cheaper ones available upon request

As a matter of interest, how much cheaper are the cheaper ones?

128 * 128 panel - I don't run into smaller square ones with available small sample, 1k+ will be enough for customization:

Do you mean smaller physical size at 128 x 128 resolution or at any resolution? My interest would be more at 20mm x 20mm @ closer to 32 x 32 resolution.

I poked around a little bit more on SparkFun and others and am thinking maybe I need to look at the Nokia 3310 LCD even though it's a bit on the large size for what I'm wanting. Although I was intrigued to see the LCD in this: ScreenKey RG Graphic Button

Incidentally, your conversion to Australian Dollars (the closest I could find to New Zealand Dollars) seems to be extremely incorrect (too low) in relation to the US Dollar price.

Thanks again for answering my query on this, I appreciate you taking the time to do so.



The cheaper joystick button would be half the price.

The 128*128 LCD I have is 55mm square, I'll let you know when some 32*32 is available by luck. - This is not an usual stock for most suppliers.

I think I might limit the currency to USD in the depot... the vibration is too tremendous :(

Thanks for the ideas!



I have recived some items from Seeedstudio, my words below are simply the truth.
A perfect company to deal with i must say, fast shipping from Hong Kong and the packaging is done with care.
The sourcing service is great and we should not even talk about the prices  ;D.

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