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Hi, I was wondering if is possible to configure the arduino yun to connect to several wifi's automatically without having to configure it for one in specific. Let's say I have WiFi A, B and C, and if I reach any of those wifi's my arduino will connect to it automatically.

Also, is there a way to prevent the yun from loosing it's connection to a wifi? I find myself sometimes working with the arduino and when I'm not using the arduino after a while it stop responding to the command I send over the internet, I hope I made myself clear enough.

Thanks in advance!


I have the same issue... wifi loses connection from time to time... is there a way to restart the yun (or wifi) via python script  or sketch or something, when the internet connection drops?

currently I'm running a script which pings google.com to see wether internet is up or not... but I can't figure out the restarting....

in /etc/rc.local there is the line "wifi-live-or-reset", which works at boot...but how to (or should we) run that with python?! is there a better solution?


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What you ask is multiwan, that mean Yun connect to internet via more than one ISP.
To make it work:

  • multiwan

  • second radio (usb  wifi adaptor)

  • luci-app-multiwan ( user friendly, will work without it, by hand)

Linino is missing luci-app-multiwan.

Code: [Select]
opkg  update
opkg install multiwan



Is it possible to use multiwan for making the yun portable?!
I mean, if I start it at home it shall automatically connect to my home-wifi...
if I'm at the office (first floor) it shall connect to the office-wifi-Router 1...
if I'm at the office (third floor) it shall connect to the office-wifi-Router 2 (same ISP)...

Is this somehow possible?

Can you give us an example how to make it work with mutliwan?


Not mutliwan , mutliwan is for multiple ISP (Internet service provider).

Multiple-AP/Router roaming will do the trick.

At office, setup office-wifi-Router 1 and office-wifi-Router 2 with same SSID  and use the same encryption ( method/password)  but different channel,  use application Wifi Analyzer to find out best channel.


Same does at home but no different channel requirement.


You should check this post out, they have given a complete code how to connect to Wifi SSID automatically. Here's the link: http://www.theengineeringprojects.com/2016/02/automatically-connect-with-wifi-ssid-using-arduino-yun.html
it's an interesting project, but the Yun already connects - unless it cannot find the AP. That article might be best if advertised that way.


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