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Hello Folks,

I was also wondering if anyone could advice HOW can we get an output signal from a CCD chip, convert it into Digital Signals and save it with time stamps on an external memory supply that is attached to the Arduino Uno.

If there are any scripts out there already to start with.
We then want to be able to collect the information from a CCD and send it over bluetooth in a package of information to an Android Device.


What is the chip, video sensor? Bandwidth?


The chip is a CCD light sensor, kind of like this one:

with specs here:

The problem is that were not sure how to get the output rate from a CCD chip since no manufatures give that information. We are trying to get a more exact number.

Either way, i was just wondering how can Analog Signals be converted to Digital and then stored in an external memory SD slide that is connected to an Arduino Uno.

Thank you in advance for any comments :)

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