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My problem with arduino leonardo is that tools menu is slow to open,
my operating system is windows 8,
I have read on the troubleshooting page about it,
Access to the Serial Port
On Windows, if the software is slow to start or crashes on launch, or the Tools menu is slow to open, you may need to disable Bluetooth serial ports or other networked COM ports in the Device Manager. The Arduino software scans all the serial (COM) ports on your computer when it starts and when you open the Tools menu, and these networked ports can sometimes cause large delays or crashes.
Check that you're not running any programs that scan all serial ports, like USB Cellular Wifi Dongle software (e.g. from Sprint or Verizon), PDA sync applications, Bluetooth-USB drivers (e.g. BlueSoleil), virtual daemon tools, etc.
Make sure you don't have firewall software that blocks access to the serial port (e.g. ZoneAlarm).
You may need to quit Processing, PD, vvvv, etc. if you're using them to read data over the USB or serial connection to the Arduino board.
On Linux, you might try running the Arduino software as root, at least temporarily to see if fixes the upload.

I think I have done everything what is written there, but it still doesn't work.
When I turn on an Airplane mode, the tool menu works correctly, but then there is a problem with upload.
Would you help me please?
Sorry for my english


i went to new terminal and as fixed the problem of hessitation


I fixed it by turning off bluetooth

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