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Well done, Erick.

You are inspired me and help many hobbies, student and child to go into embedded world. Try your best. Thanks


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One regret: you indicate Imax = 40 mA per pin
Hi, Please feel free to use this page from http://ArduinoInfo.Info in your document. It covers these questions about Arduino Pin limits:

Regards, Terry King terry@yourduino.com  - Check great prices, devices and Arduino-related boards at http://YourDuino.com
HOW-TO: http://ArduinoInfo.Info


About two weeks ago, I've published a new version of my documentation. A total of 641 pages.

Feel free to use it, as long as you don't make any money with it and as long as you keep my name in the document!!!

Version 1.18

Below is a list of the items I've added after version 1.15.


And in case, you don't trust bit.ly, tinyurl etc:


1.16 was not published

• Added 6DOF MPU-6050 3 Axis Gyro With Accelerometer Sensor Module
• Added separate sketches for working with switches: o External pulldown resistor
o External pullup resistor
o Intern pullup resistor
• Added Logic Level Convertor bidirectional
• Added Adafruit SPI/I2C save 5-3.3V level shifter
• Added 74LVC245 5-3.3 level shifter
• Added "3 Arduino Mega 2560 R3"
• Added "11 LoRa: Sodaq One" in the Arduino Boards section
• Added "65 PIR/Motion Sensor HC-SR501"
• Added "72 GPS XM37-1612 (GY-NEO6Mv2?)"
• Added "73 MQ-3 alcohol gas sensor board"
• Added "74 MQ-6 LPG, iso-butane and propane gas sensor"
• Changed stepper motor wire colors used in sample at "82
Adafruit TB6612 Stepper/motor driver"
• Added "82 Adafruit TB6612 Stepper/motor driver"
• Added "83 Stepper motor NEMA-17"
• Added "97 Bluetooth 4.0 BLE CC41A (CC2541) module"
• Added "98 Keyes Bluetooth 4.0 BLE"
• Added "100 GSM/GPRS SIM800L module"
• Adding "160 ESP-module: ESP8266 ESP-01"
• Added "186 Single Channel Gateway on ESP8266"
• Added "195 LoRa: Sodaq One as a TTN node" in The Things
Network Nodes section.
• Rearranged IOT section in three new sections
o TheThingsNetwork
o The Things Network Nodes
o The Things Network Data Handling

• Added "6 Sparkfun Pro Micro - 5V/16MHz"
• Added "60 RGB and Gesture sensor APDS-9960 "
• Added "107 Arduino Mega Sensor Shield v 2.0"
• Added "136 YuRobot breadboard power regulator"
• Added "162 Module: USB to ESP-01"
• Added "163 Module: USB to ESP-01 flash hack"
• Added "164 Module: USB to ESP-01 flash hack v2"
• Added "165 Module: USB to ESP-01 with flash switch"
• Added "166 Module: ESP-01 5V-3.3V adapter"
• Added "167 Module: Open Smart ESP-01 to DIP"
• Added "168 Module: Open Smart ESP-01 to DIP Hack"
• Replaced Photo from shield with Hope RF board, because
orientation was not correct: "190 LoRa: Shield for HopeRF
• Corrected Breakout pin-numbers in "193 LoRa: RN2483
Enschede Nano breakout board"
• Changed order of the Section about ESP8266. Moved
background chapters in front of description of ESP Modules.


Hi there,

I've just uploaded my latest version of My Arduino Documentation 1.20

Version 1.19
•   Added "78 Load cells"
•   Added "79 Load cell amplifier HX711"
•   Added "101 Silvercrest Wireless Socket set" a 433 MHz set from 'Lidl'
•   Added "102 Flamingo SF-500S/3 Wireless Socket set" a 433 MHz Click-On/Click-Off set from 'Action'
•   Added "184 Sonoff T1 UK 1 gang"
•   Changed "206.3 How to program the micro:bit"
•   Added "207 Adafruit Playground Express"
•   Added "200 HAT: Raspberry pi to Arduino Shields Connection Bridge v1"
•   Added "158 Adafruit Thermal Printer CSN-A2-T"
•   Added  section for ESP32 modules

Version 1.20
•   Adding section for STM32 modules (still work to be done!)
•   Added chapter for "193 STM32L4R9I-Discovery kit"
•   Added chapter for "191 STM32F103C8T6 Minimum Development Board (aka Blue Pill)"
•   Added chapter for "192 STM32F030F4P6 Minimum Development Board"
•   Added chapter for "31 ST Link V2"
•   Added chapter for "51 0.96 inch 128x64 OLED display (I2C)"
•   Added chapter for "52 0.91 inch 128x32 OLED display (I2C)"
•   Added chapter for "111 SIMCOM SIM7020E (GSM) LTE NBIoT breakout board"
•   Added several missing Photo's


Thanks for sharing.

We cannot download 'your' work as drop box 'forces' us to join their site.
I refuse to bend to a company who wants my information.
You do the work, they make money on your work, nice agreement for them.

No technical PMs.
If you are asked a question, please respond with an answer.
If you are asked for more information, please supply it.
If you need clarification, ask for help.


Dropbox asks you to join, but you don't need to join to download. It looks confusing, but you realy can download without joining dropbox.

Changing to another place to share my work means I loose my link and so also my connection to the 6000 people who have downloaded the previous version of my document (700+ pages, 19 MB pdf).

I hope this helps for you.


A new version is ready. Below is the change list.

I think the most interesting change is the fact that I'm now sharing all the sketches that are described in this document. After some complaint from my students that sometime it was difficult to copy the code from the sample sketches.

Both links below, are to my dropbox. Dropbox wants you to create an account and start using Dropbox, but you REALY DON'T NEED TO SIGN UP TO DROPBOX if you only want to download my files.

All sample sketches can be found at:

The link to my documentation is still:

•   Added a section for R/C transmitters and receivers.
•   Added "119 R/C: 2ch Robbe Futaba Attack T2DR (Tx) + FF-R122JE (Rx)".
•   Added "120 R/C: 7 (8ch) Robbe Futaba F-14 (Tx) + FP-R118F (Rx)" only the 2 sticks were covered (CH 1..4).
•   Added "121 R/C: 6ch Spektrum Dx6i (Tx) + AR6100e (Rx)" only the 2 sticks were covered (CH 1..4).
•   Added "122 R/C: 9ch Turnigy TGY 9x (Tx) + 9x8Cv2 (Rx)" only the 2 sticks were covered (CH 1..4).
•   Added "123 Decoding a PPM pulse train to separate channel signals".
•   Added  "124 Decoding a PPM pulse train from a trainer connector".
•   Added "71 Capacitive Soil Moisture sensor v1.2".
•   Added "72 Touch Sensor TTP223B".
•   Added "34 Mini MP3 Player MP3-TF-16P".
•   Replaced libraries  and altered explanation and sample sketches for a few modules (DS1302 RTC for example)
•   Saved all sample sketches to the shared folder: http://bit.ly/eve_arduinosketches. I've just compiled them before saving (only a few off the sketches still have errors), but I've no yet tested the working yet. The names of these sketches are displayed above the sample sketch in the text.
•   Added "38 10 segment LED Bar Graph F2510BH".
•   Reworked the 8x8 DOT Matrix chapter (lots of mistakes).
•   Added "41 8x8 DOT Matrix  HL-M1588BR".
•   Added "46 MAX7219 LED driver" with samples for an LED Array/Bar Graph, multiple Seven Segment displays and a 8x8 DOT Matrix.
•   Performed an extensive spelling check! After reaching 100.000 words and 1400 spelling-errors, Word stopped displaying them!


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And it is a very important part of Engineering Culture you are showing your students!  

I could never have learned and done things things I have without the past 65 years during which people,have shared things with me, from Erector Set parts handed to me by A.C. Gilbert himself (1951), to valve spring compressors, vacuum tubes, old tractors, old cars, WWII aircraft transmitters, welding rods, IBM Memory boards, wire reels, transformers, scrap steel, early IC chips.  And that's just the OLD stuff!

Regards, Terry King
...In The Woods in Vermont, USA

-The One who Dies with the most Parts LOSES. What do you need?? (I'm serious...)
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