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Hi all --
I'm trying to start a python program on the Linino from the Arduino. This is what I've got:

Arduino Code
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#include <Process.h>

void setup() {
 Bridge.begin();   // Initialize the Bridge
 Serial.begin(9600);   // Initialize the Serial

 Process p;


 // do nothing until the process finishes, so you get the whole output:
 while (p.running()){ ; }

 while (p.available()) { ; }

void loop() { }

On the Linino, in a file called run_my_python.sh in /root:
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python /root/my_python_program.py

On the Linino, in a file called my_python_program.py in /root:
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import os
os.system('touch /root/touched')

When I run
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$ /root/run_my_python.sh

in the terminal, a file in /root named `touched` successfully gets created. However, when I run this from the Arduino, no file gets created. What am I doing wrong?

Perhaps this is related to some other issues I observed with runShellCommand, here: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=225205.0

Thanks a bunch!

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