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I want to use a big screen (7 inch) with a project that I'm doing for a commercial project. I don't want to spend too much money, and I really like to try and build things myself, instead of using an external VGA display board etc.

I want to use this display:


I know that the Arduino might not try the image fast enough onto the screen, but that's okay. I am going to use an SD card to hold the data and transfer the data from the SD to the screen via the Arduino.

My questions are this:

1. Does anyone have any links they can point me to for more information?
2. The interface doesn't look like SPI, or IC2 or anything like that. What do you think the communication method is, and can anyone recommend a starting place?




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It says the interface is 24-bit RGB. It may require a lot more horsepower (I/O, clock speed, video memory etc..) than any Arduino can supply. Maybe someone else can confirm (or deny)  that.


How would you interface with a 24-bit RGB interface?

Do you know of any documentation?



Manufacturer:   Newhaven Display   
RoHS:   RoHS Compliant Details   
Product:   Displays   
Diagonal:   7 in   
Resolution:   800 x RGB x 480   
Interface:   24 bit RGB   
Attached Touch Screen:   Yes   
Backlighting:   LED White   
Viewing Area - W x H:   156.7 mm x 89.1 mm   
Module Size - W x H x T:   165 mm x 104 mm x 4.7 mm   
Operating Temperature Range:   - 20 C to + 70 C   
Supply Voltage:   3.3 V   
Operating Current:   85 mA   
Touch Panel:   Touch Panel   

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