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Hi All,

I have a G6CU-2117, that been controlled by 2  AA batteries (its a circuit on its own).  By switching polarity you can turn the relay on/off.   This is all pretty straight forward.

I like to measure -with my Arduino UNO R3- each time the relay is switched on and each time its switched off.  The arduino switch son a red led when the relay is on, and a green led when its switched off (to something similar).

So i thought to connect to the wires that feed the relay, direct on the analog input pins. Read the input pins and voila i'm done.. But I'm getting confused what to do with the GND, and if this reversed polarity is not going to backfire? It just doesn't seem a good idea to just hook up the wires straight onto the pins  :smiley-eek:

I was thinking of using some diodes and some pull-down resistors. But got lost…..

Any help is much appreciated!

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