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Hi all,

The Pi Co-op from Dawn Robotics is an easy to use Arduino add-on board for your Pi, on sale here.

We've created a video showing what it is, and why you might want to buy one here.

Also, we've published a tutorial here showing how you can use Firmata to control the Pi Co-op from a higher level language like Python or Javascript. This essentially turns the Pi Co-op into a really easy to use general purpose I/O board. An Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), 5V I/O pins, PWM signal generation and much more, all in one board. :)

From a slightly more technical viewpoint, we produced the tutorial using an extended version of PyMata, some Python bindings for Firmata written by Alan Yorinks. The main change we made to PyMata was to add the ability to make use of the excellent Ino library if it's installed. This means that if PyMata can't find Firmata when it tries to connect to the Pi Co-op/Arduino, then it will automagically compile and upload the Firmata sketch for you.

Any questions, or constructive comments, much appreciated.



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