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does anyone have AT command for GSM shield to connect to GPRS, and then send HTTP GET request? I am using M10 Arduino GSM shield with AT90CAN128 and I'm trying to send some data from my at90 to my PC. Or maybe AT commands for connecting by TCP/UDP to tcp server on PC? What is better or simplier?
Few days ago I found pdf with M10 AT commands, but I think I'm using them wrong :(
However I managed to send SMS from my device after 10 minutes...

Please, does anyone have working commands for http get request?
A would appreciate for you help very very VERY! much.
Best regards


OK, i solved my problem. You can delete this post, or leave it for other users. If you want to use HTTP GET request, use:


AT+QICSGP=1,\"XXX\"\x0D - where XXX is your APN



AT+QHTTPURL=AA,BB\x0D - where AA is length of http address, and BB is time in seconds to enter the address



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