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Oh I see . Thanks for the clarification. Can you direct me to that example please?


There's a link at the bottom of my post. At the end of the page it takes you to is a very simple example of how to send a text/SMS. It's simply intended to prove that the modem works. You may need to adapt it to suit your particular connections but it's got comments.
Beginners guide to using the Seeedstudio SIM900 GPRS/GSM Shield


Thanks for your help on the last. I finally purchased an Arduino GSM shield. It was the easiest option and now it works ok.

I can successfully send and receive a text.

I would like to add a timestamp to my text. For example a message to say Last text sent at 8:30 after the text is displayed on the LCD. How can I do this please? 


I have been reading this thread and troubleshooting with these examples. I am still getting stuck where it asks for the mobile number. I type in my number 1563xxxxxxx and then nothing happens after this point.

Any ideas of what I need to troubleshoot?


How can i turned on the red led if the message has not sent. Then how can i turned on the Green led if the message has sent

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