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I found that it is actually still doing some of those odd calculations, and on further investigation, it's also doing it on the ElevationAngle. The reality of the matter is, I don't need two decimal places of accuracy; that is overkill. Having the panels re-align every minute by fractions of a degree will probably consume more power than the elevated solar efficiency gain of the panels being aligned by that small of an amount, so in practice, it is impractical.

I went ahead and dropped my recording back to just integer-level, and set the database writing to every 5 minutes (roughly how often we get an actual degree of angular change on either axis), and also have my 2-axis rig adjust every 5 minutes instead of every 1. This seems to be more practical, although I'm frowning slightly that I am voluntarily dropping the accuracy resolution, but that's just a personal struggle I'll have to get over ;)


am a beginner in using arduino as well as solar tracker.. can u pls tell me what for u guys using ethernet shield? i integrated a prog using a rtc and motor drive alone. is ethernet necessary? :)

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