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I have a problem with running my SD card module on my Arduino ADK.

I tried all the recomendations available on this forum and I still have some problem in running the SD CARD.

Upon running the QuickStart from SDfat.h  as recommend by most of the experts here, I face the error as shown below.  I've tried reducing the SPI speed as recommended to const uint8_t spiSpeed = SPI_QUARTER_SPEED; but to no avail.
Please help meeee..


Enter the chip select pin number: 10

Card successfully initialized.

Card size: 3948 MB (MB = 1,000,000 bytes)

Can't read the card.
Try another SD card or reduce the SPI bus speed.
The current SPI speed is: BIG FLT MHz
Edit spiSpeed in this sketch to change it.

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