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Hello everyone

I am new to the world of microcontrolers. I am working on a HIFI Pre AMP to run a power Amp I built few years ago.  I got an Arduino Mega off ebay that came with a ks0108 128*64  GLCD screen.  I want to create a menu to select different sources (CD DVD Radio etc) and use a rotary encoder to select items from the menu.  I have found lots of sample code for doing this with a standard 20x2 LCD,  but nothing for using my big GLCD.  Can someone please point me in the right direction. Also I would like to create a volume level display and remote control.  This is a sample of what I would like to do, only on bigger screen.  youtube.com/watch?v=EZigza0sSOc

I have been thinking it would also be fun to create a spectrum analyzer on this display.

Thanks in advance for all your help


Thanks for this,  Think im little out of my depth with these graphic LCD so decided to stick to a 4x20 character LCD Display for now.

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