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Hi there,

Just started learning Arduino for my course, and getting to grips with the electronics pretty well.

However, one thing I'd really like to learn about to help with the projects I'll build is things like mechanics, gears and how to build cases and mounting for projects. Ideally I'd like something that showed different type of mounting methods, advice on materials, from a practical point of view rather than a traditional textbook.

I'm fairly good with my hands, but would love to know if anyone has any links or books on general tips like that for mounting motors, building boxes and containers etc...

Anyone any good advice or pointers for me?


Get spare parts in case you break something when building!
Wood and plastic are good as they wont short things out.
Don't leave anything to the last minute.
Some motors will come with mounting brackets that make life a little bit easier.
Design your project so it will fit together in the end (Helps!).

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