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i'm sorry, i dident read all of your info, but i read up to the part where the guy wrote to me to remove the words "SUCKS" and ill gladly get rid of it asap, but i dont know how, any admin that can change it, go ahead, i dont mind, i was just furious when i wrote this thread


ok sorry for double posting but i just finished reading everybodies responses, and here what i have to say:

I'd first like To thank David Marriot for coming out here to throw in his info, i apreciate that you talked to us about the info of your company, and after you sent me an e-mail telling me the sizes of the pot's i was way too furious, to see that all the other pots except for the smallest ones are ENORMOUS and i do agree that asking even for 1 large one was a mistake. The site was very vague about sizes, and such so i could only come up with what i read from the sample request page. I initially just wanted a sample packet with 1 sample of all of your companies products ( 1 softpot, 1 hotpot, 1 membrane switch ) but when you personally e-mailed me what i wanted, i felt as if a door of more then just 1 of the each diffrent product was unlocked.

i have to agree with you that making these individual items and sending them as samples would have cost your company alot of money, but i had no idea about sizes and prices, so i could not disifer between too much and too little. I would however like to say that the samples i asked for were mostly for sampling, and less of a "yay free stuff!" purpose. After receiving that e-mail back from you telling me the sizes, and prices and the ending, i felt as though i was being slammed for asking for too many samples, when i believed that an explanation e-mail should have been sent. Especially considering that your site is vague about sizes and prices, and i know thats to try to attract customers to e-mail you.

You should consider my feelings after i read those e-mail's and freaked out with rage, so i do have to say i'm sorry for publicly embarrassing your company here by making the thread name so, and i am currently trying to make an admin change the name of this thread.

I must argue that complying with hobbyists should be done more carefully, because usually hard core hobbyists, stop being hobbyists, and become workers of companies, who's word of mouth can be the difference between 100,000 softpots sold, or not sold. The friendship you forge with possible clients can get your products sold. Even though you will not be making a profit here and now, you could be making thousands off of companies if the future, depending if the workers of the company can say "hey i delt with them once, and they were very nice to me" or them saying "i delt with them many years ago, and they were very rude to me".

if you get my drift.

regardless of what happened, i'm hoping to still have a good relationship with this company, and possibly buy their products from them or their vendors.

best of luck to David and spectrasymbol

p.s thanks to EVERYBODY who contributed here, i really enjoyed your feedback about everything!


If anyone is still interested, I noticed that SparkFun is now carrying linear softpots.



yea, i just saw a cuple of weeks ago, thats pretty cool, but theyre kinda pricey, i guess they dident buy that many...

and thanks to the admin who changed the thread name

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