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Hello everybody,

I'm Charles, a french guy, and sorry in advance for my poor english.
Since my childhood, i've always play with some electric/electronic stuff.
After a Electrical Engineering school and work now in IT.
I like to fix some stuff by myself  ( Turntable, Washing-Machines, Computers, Car .... )

But I don't  know to proceed for my current problem !

I want to recycle a small screen ( 2.5 inches )  from a "teardowned" HP Photosmart 2750 Printer
and use with my Arduino Uno.

On the inverter I can see a chip  with a label : UPS051, I've found some datasheet on internet.

Can I drive this kind of screen with my Arduino ? Everybody I've an example to try.
I just want to write some information (no images)

Thanks in advance for anyone can help me !

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What you have is a display with no integrated controller or memory.

To get any usable picture on it, you would have to drive it from a fairly fast ARM or similar micro, you need a lot of memory too, as you need to have the whole picture in memory, while refreshing it 20-25 times a second.

It's no match for an Arduino, unfortunately.

// Per.

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