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I think I need to file a bug report for ubuntu, not sure for which package though.

Hmmm, perhaps the package that contains avr-gcc or avr libc?

Note that if your code causes "undefined" behaviour (according to the C specification) a difference of result between versions may not be considered a bug.




i'm having the same problem mellery.  its a bummer, because the code in question is essential to the RepRap GCode interpreter.  It works great on Mac OSX, but I recently switched to Ubuntu 8.04 and now the code dies.

i googled arduino strtod and i can also confirm that i'm experiencing this exact behavior.  i'll see if i can find a fix / workaround.


thats my code, the problem was shipped with hardy, just grab the package from intrepid and its fixed


This may be related to the command line arguments that the Arduino IDE passes to avr-gcc and avr-g++ when compiling sketches.  In particular, I think we specify that the floating printf library should not be linked, which might make a difference.  You can set build.verbose to true in your Arduino preference file to see the command line used, and you might trying changing it to see if it fixes things.

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