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Hi chaps and chapesses...

I am new to this ML so forgive me if I seem a little dumb. :-)
(Apologies for any typos... :)

My pet love is getting DC into WinUAE...

I have successfully got the Arduino Diecimila board to talk to
WinUAE and with a veroboarded clone of the two transistor
serial I/O circuit, classic AMIGAs also.

I program the board under Windows and use it under WinUAE.

As I am not allowed to send pointers on my first upload,
go to the AMINET site and search for arduino and my two
uploads will appear. One of them is using Python AND WinUAE.

My question is do the current licence conditions allow me
to take the serial I/O snippet and use it in one of those AMINET
uploads so as to allow the classic range of AMIGAs to be included?





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