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Hello Guys, first of all I hope I am in the right place. there  are too many categories in this forum =P

I am new to Arduino and as I Google around I am overwhelmed with how many options are out there.
I am looking for something with the hardware and the education package as part of the Kit.

My major interest are sound and visuals. Hoping to get into some type of visual/audio interactive media.

Thank you


Hello there!
Since I am relatively to Arduino myself, I can just share my opinion on the starter kit I have, which is the fritzing creator kit. Really enjoyed reading the book and it gives a nice introduction for absolute newbies (how to code/how to make circuits). Also, it has good illustrations and overall it seems to be a well thought out kit to start.
There are also a number of really good books out there for free, which also give really good introductions (browse this forum for inspiration).
Also, I noticed that you do not really need a starter kit once you know what you want to do. It is just very nice to get a starter kit to know what are the possibilities and to get a general understanding! And from that point of view, virtually everything starter kit will do. Haven't seen any specific to sound and visuals. But remember, later you can just buy the parts you need and go all creative…
Hope this helps!

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