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I don't use a shield, I connect a Serial 4 digit Display direct on the digital bloc of the Yun.

I used a led connected to the TX to see if data were transmitted (every second). I can see the LED blinking when the Yun is transmitting data, but the display doesn't work (with the UNO, all works). So maybe it's a problem of Levels or perturbations. I can't check the signal form because i have no scope.
I tried to add a RC filter (100n - 220ohm) on the TX but no changes.


Did you find the solution?
I'm stuck at the same point.



I'm stuck at the same point.
And what point is that? There are a couple issues mentioned in this thread. You are probably better off starting a new thread and giving a lot more details, rather than post "me too" to an old thread that may or may not be the same as your problem.

For the record, I've not had any issues with SoftwareSerial, and Serial1 is indeed not available for general use.


Plan D:

Use Yun Shield + Arduino Mega.

The Arduino Mega has three additional serial ports: Serial1 on pins 19 (RX) and 18 (TX), Serial2 on pins 17 (RX) and 16 (TX), Serial3 on pins 15 (RX) and 14 (TX).

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