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Can I use pyserial to communicate with two separate arduinos? The arduinos are plugged into usb ports on a windows 7 os, but will eventually be plugged in to a raspberry pi.

I tried it in python and it didn't work is there a way to do this.


I doubt,I also tried initially to communicate 2 Serial Device using python.We can communicate one device at time. ELse you try to connect / communicate using different py scripted version


I'm not familiar with PySerial but I would be surprised if you can't open communications with two separate Com ports?

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Pyserial com ports are represented by objects. There's no reason that I know of you couldn't create two objects. I've used pyserial to do something similar with a one wire multi drop bus protocol but I haven't personally tried using 2 pyserial.Serial objects. But Im pretty sure I've seen it discussed and done successfully on stack overflow.

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