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I was trying to configure Arduino Yun to use as a wireless internet router. My laptop is connected with arduino through wifi and  I am able to ping internet sites from arduino yun. But not able to access from laptop.

Internet is connected in Wired Ethernet port.
Laptop is connected via wifi with arduino.

when I am pinging the any internet site like "google.com" getting "unreachable" error from wifi gateway. Can anyone help me to find out where I am doing wrong?


Thanks a lot for your reply.

The link is showing internet connectivity is happening only on one subnet but my situation is bit different. I have onky one static IP address from ISP ( and Gateway is I configured these ip addresses in my WAN (wired) connection. My IP is dedicated and I can't use any other IP else authentication will not happen.

Now I want to create separate network for my internal LAN (wifi) and using default ip of Arduino Yun with DHCP enabled and connect to internet using NAT or any other method so that all of my outgoing request would happen through ip only.

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