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i think i have the pb2 and portb2 stuff figured out but what cant it figure out what Serial HEX DEC and that stuff is? works with simple sketches but now when i try to build anything complicated like this


anyone get this working?



I am also looking for a fix to this issue


ok, I took a different approach.  Working great in windows, with a 328 chip on V17.

First, you are going to need the working code :-) God bless GPL!

Grab sd_raw.c sd_raw.h, sd_raw_config.h
rename sd_raw.c to sd_raw.cpp

Place those 3 files in a new libraries file.  Mine looks like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\arduino-0017\hardware\libraries\sdcard"
And all 3 are in the "sdcard" dir.

Time for hello world!
Code: [Select]

#include "sd_raw_config.h"
#include "sd_raw.h"

void setup()  

void loop()                    
 struct sd_raw_info disk_info;
     //return 0;
 Serial.print("rev:    ");
 Serial.print("serial: 0x");
 Serial.print("date:   ");
 Serial.print("size:   ");
 Serial.print("copy:   ");
 Serial.print("wr.pr.: ");
 Serial.print("format: ");
 Serial.print("free:   ");

You should see something like this show up:
Code: [Select]

rev:    3
serial: 0x3032057D
date:   7
size:   125698048
copy:   0
wr.pr.: 0/0
format: 0
free:   1

Next on the list.. Round Robin FS(RRFS)!


Hi.  I've read through everyone's postings, and I'm down to just this one error -- which I can't find a solution to.  Has anyone figured this one out?  Thanks much!!!

C:\Desktop\Arduino\arduino-0018\libraries\SDcard\fat.cpp: In function 'uint8_t fat_dir_entry_read_callback(uint8_t*, offset_t, void*)':

C:\Desktop\Arduino\arduino-0018\libraries\SDcard\fat.cpp:1555: error: invalid conversion from 'void*' to 'fat_read_dir_callback_arg*'


Okay, following up on my own question.  The problem seems to be that renaming fat.c to fat.cpp actually creates more problems then it solves.  A better way (in my opinion) is to leave it named fat.c and fix all the "for loop" errors by moving the variable declarations outside the loop.  After doing this, I am now able to compile....

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