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Hi everybody around here! 8-)
I'm interested in electronics about for 2 years but i have not started any project. I'm just do not know what I want to build. I have a dream to build line follower. I hope in future this will change.
I'm here to learn about Arduino. Its seems to be a powerfull tool for beginers and for profesionals.
I need advice about purchase. I need simple kit for learning at the same time I can't spend on that a lot of money because I am just a student. Maybe you have heard about financial situation in Latvia. That is not a perfect or at least good. :-[ That's sad!


Because in first post was not possibility to ad links and picture had to answer to my post.
I want to build something like this -

with Arduino Diecimila.

Is it posiable with Arduino Diecimila? And where to find some assistance with information?




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hello and welcome,
It is always good to hear from other international countries! I did not know that Latvia was in such economic difficulties now; but then much of the world is facing issues with that,

I guess not in Dubaii, but many other countries have faced a down turn of late.


Thats's right!
But soon all will be nice and beautiful. If someone don't know were is Latvia than her is tha answer.

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