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It seems there is an entire market that is being alienated by the ide and you gurus just don't seem to care.

I am starting to wonder why your getting so hostile to us, the end users? what do you want us to tell you? its not like we control the official releases

if its THAT god awefull use an external editor, its got an option for it, you can use whatever you want and it ties into the default ide


write your own, there is nothing magical about it, and its decently documented, and since you and your group are dedicated software professionals it should only take a second or two


Welcome to 1988 and windows 3.0, its not really our fault you never unbroke your habits from wordperfect on a IBM XT, and are using (yea supported but) undocumented shortcuts in current software (and yea I looked in a wfw3.11, windows 95, and windows XP manual)



will very likely be with us for the upcoming Arduino-0019

Well I think the next is intended to be arduino 1.0 which should have a lot of bugs fixed and hopefully deviate a little away from the processing environment.



..it should only take a second or two..

and yea I looked in a wfw3.11, windows 95, and windows XP manual


It seems there is an entire market that is being alienated by the ide

Could be.  This particular fix won't be sufficient to win them back on its own, and it seems there are an awful lot of windows users who aren't even aware of the shortcuts that you are asking for...  (I guess this explains where those odd shortcuts in ssh came from though.  I always wondered...)

I'd like the IDE to be EMACS compatible, myself.  And have remappable keys and stuff.  But I hardly feel "alienated" because these features aren't there.  It is enough that the IDE can access files prepared with some other editor.

Adding all the features to an IDE that everyone wants is a sure way to alienate a different segment of potential users.  I've been looking at the Eclipse-based ccs used by TI, and ... it's a joke as an "easy to use" IDE for beginners.  I don't like it much in general (by first experience with Eclipse.  Who decided that overlapping windows are evil?  And no black backgrounds?  Sheesh.)

Have you submitted an actual patch to the Processing and Arduino projects?   "Rough consensus and working code", you know...  (and ... welcome to The Big Players in Open Source Software.  If your priorities don't match those of the project leaders ... you can always patch your personal version.  Feel free...)


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Ctrl+end/up/down etc to highlight text

Key for EXCEL users with BIG sheets.

No one mentioned Wordstar.


These shortcuts seem to be working in 0019.

I have an issue with them because although Shift+Delete doesn't perform "cut," it still performs "delete!"  I'm used to being able to press Shift+Delete and then Shift-Insert to cut and paste.  Imagine my surprise when I perform what I thought was a cut, but then nothing comes back when I try to paste!

Anyway, not an issue anymore.  As I mentioned, this was working on 0019 in Windows.

Oddly enough, I never try to press Shift-Ins or Shift-Del or Ctrl-Ins on my Mac...


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historically it would not work on a mac, they always used command vxc to do their operations (like the rest of the universe)

course Its been a while since I sat down with OSX, that could be out the window for whatever bsd supports

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