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From idioms.freedictionary.com:

"if you were born and bred in a place, you were born and grew up in that place and have the typical character of someone who lives there "

So: I was born there and half of me grew up there.  The other half is still developing (at least that's what we all hope).  If I had half the character of my dad, I would be truly remarkable.  As it is, well...




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Ah...I give up. Perhaps I am not portraying my point as clearly as I would have hoped.

A lot of people like the Arduino name. I have said in previous posts that I personally have nothing against having Arduino as a name. In fact it is original and pretty catchy. There might still be better but its really quite cool sounding. It kind of rolls of the tongue nicely. (Atleast the way I say it).

But in the courses I have taken over the years, whether it be business related or not, a good percentage of successful marketing lies within the name. Sure giving it some flashy ads or a stunning theatric trailer can help. But without a solid name, you loose a lot of the effect and its hard to make that up by other means. Your product's name is the foundation. Arduino is a great start, but how about something a little shorter? Something that you can say with the snap of a finger.

You won't have to hesitate at all. And you might say you say "Duemilanove" perfectly. And you might. But how about to the 7 Billion other potential users. As I have said. There are tons of smart people out there. From the corners of Asia to the the innards of Africa to somewhere in Alabama. So many people which could make Arduino into something so much more. We need to attract them, not deflect. Increase the user-base.

Again, I'm not saying the name isn't interesting and/or cool. Duemilanove is a funky word and as others have said its quite "exotic". Indeed it is. But what if Microsoft released its new OS and named it Microsoft Windows Centocinquantamila, what would be your immediate reaction? Probably like, "Eww....what the **** is that supposed to mean?" and you'd probably be a little put off. That's not to say you wouldn't purchase it but it makes you wonder. Make the person know that Arduino is legit and that will be accomplished with a name that will stick and a name that can get around.

Oh and also on the Google example I gave, there's a good chance they don't even remember the word Duemilanove at all. Gosh, I would be lucky if they even remembered Arduino. Make it stick. Apple iPhone. It tells you its a phone. Arduino Duemilanove tells me when it was made....in Italian. What are people going to think of that? I am sorry. I do not carry around an English> Italian dictionary with me.

Really don't think I am trying to be obnoxious. I am coming from a different point of you than perhaps you are.

I am still relatively new to Arduino. Most of you guys have been around for at least a year, some from the start. But now that you are very much involved, you (may) forget that there are still people who want to join the community. I was one of them a short time ago. Hey, I love electronics. I love programming. And I am clearly not the only one like this. People are curious but if you want them to be involved you have to recruit them. You have to do something make it feel like what they are getting into is worthwhile, which Arduino clearly is.

Well, lets see how many quotes/accusations this post accumulates.

Good day.


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Ah...I give up.

And then you go on once again about your opinions on how much more successful they could be if they just changed the names of their products.  ::)

As the great scribe himself stated "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet".

It's great that you like electronics and the Arduino platform, take some more time to enjoy it more.  ;)



I'm not here to bash on anyone and your here ranting about my post. I'm not targeting anyone so I do not see the necessity of that comment. Oh well, I got carried away. Big deal.


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I am a newbie and that of course means I have no point of reference and should just go back to my cave where I belong...

I was looking for some genuine feedback. This is not a selfish thing. I KNOW that Arduino is a cool thing. I KNOW that you can do whatever you want with it. My suggestion was only to address people who DONT KNOW about Arduino. Hey we don't need to be insanely professional or do all sorts of fancy things. There's isn't tons of money floating around. That's not the point. The point is to outreach.

Oh well, I guess I'll just carry on with life.


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and should just go back...
I'm assuming that you are smiling when you say that.  I hope so.  I mean, I was smiling when I gushed about Arduino and Dum...  Demall... well you know.

I was looking for some genuine feedback.

Mission accomplished!

I kind of like the way things are going.  (I'm kind of new here myself, and I'm just getting the feel of the culture, or at least I think I am.)

I don't know how you feel about it, but I wouldn't want to live in a world where everyone had the same opinions as mine.  See Footnotes.




"I never learned from a man who agreed with me."
---Robert A. Heinlein

"Opinions are like a$$holes elbows.
Everyone has his own, and I wouldn't want
it any other way."


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Ah...I give up. Perhaps I am not portraying my point as clearly as I would have hoped.

No, you are, just noone here agrees with you.

As part of your marketing courses, I'm sure you learned that successful marketing is targeted and completely dependent on context (within the market place and within society as a whole). Basically, to market Arduinos is very different from marketing a breakfast cereal.

If you're really interested: I'd suggest you dive in and start researching. Research and profile the *target* audience (not just your mates); conduct a detailed analysis of the worldwide sales figures; examine perception in the market place and exposure levels; look at the competitors closely; look at how Arduino are operating compared to non-competitors *in the same market sector* or targeting the same audience.

Then, you can judge whether the model name is a problem. The anecdotal "evidence", experiences, exposure and successes of the Arduino team indicates otherwise.

Incidently, I like the fact that you're starting to think about this stuff. Even if I disagree with your summary. A critical approach to marketing (or an awareness of this) is a useful skill to get you through life.


Ah thank you all for your feedback. I suppose maybe not this time around but maybe we will think about marketing in the future if perhaps Arduino becomes even more popular, not just in the hobbyist segment but in real world applications and beyond.

P.S. I think the website could use a little more juice to it. The informations is all very good and the layout is very clear and straight-forward but perhaps a little more flash could be added. Not necessary of course, but something that I think a lot of people could agree on. And it won't have drawbacks or too many complications.


I am a passable ActionScript programmer, but I hate what people nowadays call "Flash"  ;)


I see there is some sort of connection to this but I am too dumb to recognize it... :p


I like the Arduino name. When I see it in written form sometimes I confuse it with Android (which is not entirely a bad thing).

I kinda agree about Deumolinove. That's a mouthful.


I believe TheLaw meant 'flashyness' as opposed to 'Flash' the animation/video/etc platform

Correct me if I'm wrong, though (which is not unusual ;D )


Ah yeah....In no way was a I talking about Adobe/Macromedia Flash/Actionscript.



Uno! Perfect. Well names don't mean much but they can to some people.

Anyway, the new boards looks great including the Mega2560!


Since quotes seem popular...

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference"

I bought my board only a few weeks ago, so I am a newbie in that respect. In terms of fitting in with the community it is important to understand that community. As well as being international, it is made up of fans - not some huge multinational corporation. This Forum is based on free, community developed software; the main site is a wiki written by the community. As such it lacks structure (and, apparently, leadership), but it has grown over a long time. To rebuild it from new would be nearly impossible.

The internet is global, and although a lot of people speak English (including those that speak American), there are a lot more for whom their native language is different. Even English has adopted 'foreign' words as a part of the language. It would be more impressive if people learned how to pronounce Duemilanove.

The board is controlled (well the name is owned) by the people mentioned elsewhere, and they have allowed the community to have a big say in what happens to the product. The Main website had a face lift at the weekend and has a new style and colour scheme. We can make suggestions, but have to accept the direction and pace of the owners. It may not be ideal, but we can hope that sensible suggestions are noticed.

I have not noticed any desire to worry about marketing - I read about the Arduino in a science magazine, I think. There are many different strategies to branding, with advantages and disadvantages. Apple is a simple name, but two companies chose it - a computer company and a record label (see, the Beatles). What followed was a battle over the name. A more peculiar name can be memorable and unique. A descriptive name like iPhone, or an odd name like Wii both have merits. Whatever your preference, it is unlikely to be changed.

I intend to help where I can - to pass on knowledge, to offer suggestions and to learn all I can about the Arduino models, the IDE and electronics in general. If people like my ideas or advice, brilliant. If not, that is their choice. The biggest help for this community is to make people welcome and to help out, so they don't become dissatisfied or feel excluded. I encourage everyone to adopt that behaviour.

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