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My Arduino UNO lights pin 13(LED) but very LOW....

any comment... :exclamation

problem fixed.. [smiley=cheesy.gif]


And what was the solution?
Maybe the problem was setting it as an input with nothing connected...

PWM  I dont know if this is normal.. but
mi pin 13 (LED) dims very low.. so I guess well ill just


(Again mi question is: is this normal?)


Did you define pin 13 as an output in code?


YOU WHERE RIGHT....(i feel soo embaresd) :-[


Pin 13 doesnt have pwm capabilities...


Pin 13 doesnt have pwm capabilities...

Ah, but it's a little known bit of trivia that analogWrite() will work on non-pwm pins (for somewhat relaxed definitions of "work."  It will write a HIGH for values of 128 and higher, and a LOW otherwise.)

I thought it was a particular clever solution for not having digitalWrite() work, BTW.  Thinking outside the box and all that.

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