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Helllo All,

Sorry if it is repeated thounsands here. I Am still lost. GOt mind confunsion and want to start all over from Scratch. A fresh clean restart.

Goal: A three sensor temperature meter.  I have successful made other projects regarding temp sensors but on Pro Mini/Nano. No help needed here, yet.

Problem: I am migrating from these to Attiny24/44 and furthermore 85. but cant have a straightforward success recipe for using it with LCDs.

I tried Many libraries (tinywiresM/S, LCD Libraries ) and PLayground instructions, instructables,  and all I get is errors.

Actual Enviroment - IDE  1.8.9, USBasp and Spence Konde cores.

Basic uploading to chip is sucessfull (i.e. blink). But none with extra libraries for Serial LCD i´ve tried got done compiling.

I ask you for help:

What I really need to install to make it work? And make a correct troubleshooting in fact. ?

Using: Standard 2 line Hitachi Compatible with I2S Converter backpack.

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