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A hard reset would have been useful last night when I made a sketch that was continuously outputting text to the serial without any pause.

It seemed to freeze up the IDE when I tried to use it with the Arduino connected and made it almost impossible to try to upload a new sketch.  

If you're using an Uno under Linux, there is a known issue here - with a fix available.

(See reply #34 under
Arduino Forum ? Software ? Development ? Problems with 0021 on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx)
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I finally succeeded with some combination of unplugging the usb and hitting the reset and trying to upload.  Really frustrating experience.  I've learned to never do that again.

I have the same problem as JimH, but I didn't finally succeeded to upload my sketch.

The reply #34 on the topic "Problems with 0021 on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx" say :
Don't try this unless you are prepared to risk bricking your board completely!

So, I am not very enthusiastic to reflash the firmware with dfu.

How can I upload a sketch on my arduino 2560 ?
(I had to put a delay() before :'()


Well, there is a way to Chip Erase the ATMega328. But it requires applying 12V to the reset line within so many microseconds of VCC being applied. See section 27 of the datasheet.
The best way to do that is on a seperate programmer with the chip removed from the arduino - else the 12V on the reset line is likely to damage other parts on the board.
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Thank you for your answer.

I found an other solution which fix my problem. I just plug the board on a windows 7 pc with arduino-0022, instead of ubuntu 10.10. 64bits with arduino-0021.
There is no freezes anymore and I can upload sketches.

Do you think that the problem comes from arduino's software's version or from linux ?

Do you know where I can find the arduino-0022 for linux 64bits ? Maybe it will fix the problem if it comes back.

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