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I finally got the example web client and pachube streams working.
I had to poke around around for a couple of weeks to find someone that had come across the problem before. I was pretty sure that I had something not all together right.  I finally found a post (unfortunately I can't give proper props because I can't find it now) that indicated that I should add gateway and subnet to the  Ethernet.begin(mac, ip, gateway, subnet);
I added this to both sketches and they now work great.
Who updates the 'official' documenation and may consider updating the documentation?
This may have saved me a week.

It's all working fine now.


The gateway and subnet parameters are documented in the reference: http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/EthernetBegin


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Im trying to write a sketch that will send a UDP packet off the arduino ethernet shield (arduino Mega 2560 and ethernetSD).

I'm not seeing any traffic. How do I tell that i am setting up my socket correctly? I am using ethernet.begin() , I am passing MAC,IP,gateway,Subnet parameters.

is that all I need to do to get a good socket?

Thank you!

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