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[size=14]We will be making an Obstacle Avoidance Vehicle for our Final Year Project, so far we have bought the Materials needed listed as follows :

- Arduino Diecimilia Board
- Infrared Proximity/Collision Sensor  http://www.e-gizmo.com/images/ikit/collision.gif
- 7v Bipolar Stepper Motors(2x)
- Universal PWM Stepping Motor Driver  http://www.e-gizmo.com/images/ikit/PWM.gif

So here's the thing guys, apparently the Universal PWM Stepper Motor Controller as shown on the image is capable only on controlling 1 motor . Now I'm kinda confused on my decision if buying 2  PWM Stepper Controllers would still be okay.  Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.  [/size]


Both of your links throw up 403 errors (Access Forbidden).


However, they do work the second time you try it... weird.

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