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How hard would it be to modify the arudino board to control 32 servos independantly?  This company is doind it with the same chip used in the Arduino board.



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I've seen this servo controller before. It's available individually for pretty cheap:


Regarding your question: dunno how to do this with the arduino. But the firmware for this thing is open source, so you can have a look at how they did it.  :)


Description of SSC-32 Operation:


i think if you try to build the same in arduino you might end up spending more money:)

just buy theirs if you are in the US, the price is honest

if you aren't then it's more expensive... the firmware is oss and the circuit provided

it's a bunch of shift registers 74hc595 connected to an atmega8
if you port it be aware they use a 14MHz quartz versus arduino uses a 16MHz quartz


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