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Also, if you can find a way to do it, add a heatsink or two to the driver for the large motors by using mica insulators and thermal paste to mount finned heatsinks to the mosfets, either individually or all on the same heatsink with mica insulators so they don't short to the heatsink. It will make it run cooler. Fans are also a good option, blowing cool air across the Mosfets. (24V fans running off the motor power so the faster the motor goes the faster the fan goes . (cool , huh ?)


Yeah, that would probably be a good idea to add heatsinks and fans, those motors would burn up pretty quick


I'm not worried about the motors. The heatsinks and fans are for the MOSFETS.


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Here's an idea. Take this 4-motor controller for $25 and connect two of the drivers in PARALLEL. That means you tie the motor outputs together (+=>+) and (-=>-) and connect the two DIR inputs together and the two PWM inputs together so ch-1  & 2 drives
motor -1 and ch-3 & 4 drives motor-2. The current is split between the two drivers per motor so the heat is spread out automatically. The driver inputs don't know they are tied to the other inputs and the motor current is split between two drivers for each motor.  Another option is you could buy TWO of the first one I recommended (the 30A) because you can drive a smaller motor than the driver was made for without damage to the driver or the motor.

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