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I've been playing with an NG for a couple months, and have been really impressed by the Arduino platform.

Now I'm working on a custom PCB that uses a Mini, and have a couple questions:
  • The Mini page in the playground states that a 10K pullup resistor is needed for the reset button; however, the schematic shows that this resistor is present on the board.  Should I add this resistor, or is the playground writeup incorrect?
  • The schematic shows the voltage regulator as LP2985AUM5-5.0/SOT23.  I believe this is a typo, and should read LP2985AIM5-5.0/SOT23 ('AIM' instead of 'AUM').  From the spec sheet, it appears this regulator maxes out at 130mA.  Am I understanding this correctly?

Thanks for any help.

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