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My mail runs at odd times, and it's not fun hiking out to the mailbox and finding it empty, so I decided to make a notifier using a ESP8266 NodeMCU board.

I wrote some code for the ESP8266 that sends me an email over wifi when a sensor is tripped (I put the code on Github if you're interested).

Next, I just need to: find something to house the project in, pick out a battery, buy a reed switch, make sure my wifi reaches to my mailbox (or find a way to extend it), and install.


I am working on a similar project and will post it once completed.

In my case the mailbox is out of WiFi reach so I am using the LoRaWan/TTN radio protocol/network. There are several devices with this functionality onboard such as the Arduino MKR WAN 1300.

The micro controller is always in deep-sleep mode and is woken-up by an external trigger (the reed switch when the mail box door is open).

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