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Hello  :)

I used the forum search but didnt found the thing i need.

My question is:

I use a lowpass filter to regulate 0-5 V from a PWM pin on my arduino micro.
Now i want to regulate with this 0-5V a 0-12 V circuit from a battery.

Like 0 V = 0V and 5V = 12V. (like rangemapping)

Can i archive this with a Mosfet? and if yes which one do i need?

thank you


In general analog signals are processed with opamps - but you haven't
said what the load is for the variable 12V signal - if any significant
power is needed a power amplifier may be needed.

But what are you trying to do in the first place?
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Hey thank you for quick replay.

The load on the 0-12V side is about 3A i think.

Trying to build a power regulator for e-cigarettes  :P

thank you


Not sure if this helps but I was using a TIP120 transistor to power a 12v 4amp linear actuator from an arduino output pin.  I just hooked the actuators positive wire directly to 12v 4amps and the negative wire thru the transistor (with a diode since it is a motor).  They typically cost $1-$2 each.

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