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Check out press release on ethernet qualified for cars at  http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Micrel-NASDAQ-MCRL-918313.html

In this emerging market, Micrel is the first to supply Ethernet devices to a car. Production will commence in late 2008 with high end models, with automotive manufacturers then rolling out the application across the entire range. German car manufacturers are leading the way. Ethernet is initially being introduced for ODB (on board diagnostics) and software memory download. Current methods have proven too slow to re-program the increasing amount of electronics in the car; Ethernet is faster, cheaper and offers the same common interface used by the PC / laptop and office, industrial and home networks. The next step is using Ethernet as the backbone for next generation automotive multi-media networks carrying 'live' traffic.

"Ethernet's unquestionable success in the Industrial networking and consumer sectors has proven its reliability and quality in extreme conditions," noted Dr. J.C. Lin, Micrel's vice president of Ethernet Products. "This marriage of industrial strength and consumer technology provides the perfect solution for the car. Ethernet always delivers solutions at the lowest cost and has ultimately been the winner in every application it has encountered. This trend will continue into the automotive market."

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