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Sep 23, 2008, 09:36 pm Last Edit: Sep 24, 2008, 04:42 pm by josheeg Reason: 1
I made a arduino clone & the automatic software reset does not work.

My design the signal goes through a optocoupler that delay might be the problem or the resistor and caps near the reset circuitry maby their time constant is the problem.

pictures and eagle cad schematic can be found at...

I have the capacitor in the right way near the controler. The websites circuit will be updated shortly but it still does not work. Also I plugged it in the right way so the cap is not blown.

The designer of the modular eeg joerg h. sugjested remove the resistor and move the cap on the reset line c13 to parrelel with the reset switch.

I think the resistor on my board I will try shorting and l will see if it works since the arduino decima and boarduino have that capacitor their.

before moving it in parellel with the switch.


Check the output of the opto to see if you are actually pulling a ground. You have reset tied to 5v through a 10k resistor at the switch and the output of the opto (through a cap) with a 1k.

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