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I have a question about the auto reset hack.

I have a TTL-232R USB to Serial cable, and I am making an adapter for an arduino variant.

I understand how to connect tx, rx, gnd, and vcc.  what I'm not sure I fully understand is cts and rts.

Can I just leave cts open, and connect rts to the reset pin with a .1uf cap to enable auto reset?

I have a simple pcb designed, I just don't want to wait 6 weeks for it if the design is wrong.


Yes, the Arduino's IDE seems to toggle both DTR and RTS control pins when it wishes to auto reset the target board. So if your USB convertor has either of these pins avalible at TTL level then simply wiring a series .1mfd cap between the control signal and the Arduino's reset pin will allow the auto reset feature to function. I have done this ( I use the DTR signal) on my breadboard Arduino layout and it works fine.



I would use DTR.  RTS may or may not work.

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