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Hi ..great project . I am college student and I am doing same project as what u did. So I wanted to know that I am using android phone to give input to preamp circuit but preamp circuit is not working for me .also which transistor and capacitor u use . Second problem is that there r so many codes in link provided by you


I am newbie in coding so please tell me which code I need to upload in transmitter side and which in receiver side

Also I have read all comments in this page. You were taking about uncomment #define speakertx in config.h to get output in transmitter side so after doing this which  code I have to upload ....plzzz I have deadline on 29 nov 2016 ...


Too impressive with your project. So how about the sound quality?  Comparing to the solution that using a bluetooth speaker and broadcasting from a mobile phone, which one is better?

My apology if my question is silly as I have no experiences with audio.


Hello everyone!
I have similar problem with my nRF's like I think all of you. This problem is constant noise on the receiver, especially that signal from electret microphone with preamp connected directly to laptop mini-jack port is pretty good. But I'm not surprised at all that the quality od transmission is only passable, considering very simple preamp cicruit, 8-bit ADC and bunch of bad quality connecting wires. But to the point.

My bigger problem is that my receiver Arduino board only works connected on the USB to the laptop. The transmitter works with every type of DC supply, like 9V battery, 5V power bank or 12V (2A) DC power supply. But when I switch sources, the transmission dies. It is not the problem with single Arduino board, or the power source, because when I switch Arduino's, the problem moves to the other board (still on the receiver). I think I should mention that I use those circuits in simplex communication. If somebody has any idea what could be the couse of the problem, I would be very thankful.

Thanks for help in advance and greetings from Poland!


Well, not really. It may be possible to do so, but would probably be a bit difficult at high bitrates.
I built a baby monitor with nrf24l01. The microphone level is sent to the parents base and some leds and a buzzer get activated proportional to the sound level. I also get the remote temperature and humidity and display it on a 1.3 oled. I want to upgrade it with audio, but no luck so far.
How can I do rfAudio.transmit(); when sound level is above threshold?
How can I light the leds like a vu meter?

Is it possible to do all those things + audio? Or using another pair of arduinos/nrfs is required?

Thank you!


I also have similar issues, using the library with other libraries is giving me headache, I tried interfacing it with an RFID card reader, if card is correct then rfAudio.transmit() but non of it gets to work correctly.


hi, I know that this is old but im trying to do this for a school project and im running out of time lol. first of all I want to use it as a wireless guitar transmiter. but i cant transmit anything I plugged pin 9-10 in a oscilloscope and im getting this pwm. the wave never changes  when i plug it in a amp I get a constant tone atleast. the tone stays the same no mather what is at at my A0 on my transmiter... im starting to thing that one or both nrf24 are the porbleme but im not sure, but i can send and receive prints so im really not sure there thx in advance.


would you make the zip file for the RF24Audio library available.


I need to understand one thing? How is possible that you can read any type of signal through A0 pin if arduino isn't capable of reading negative values?

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